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5,765 reviews

Ease of Use: 3/5

Simple sign-in and short quick content sections keeps the student moving through the course work. Printing out the practice tests detracts from the online element of paying for a course like

Fun Factor: 3/5

Images and animations all lend themselves to keeping the student focused on the subject matter, but many of the images are lo-res and pixelated. Also, some of the copy is poorly written and provides little explanation.

Content: 4/5

The quizzes are a great reflection of material retention. Easy to learn the material.

Features: 2/5

The animations of real-world scenarios are unique to this course but could use updating. Nothing else really stands out as extraordinary.


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50 reviews


Not available

Ease of Use: 1/5

There is an incredibly arduous and difficult sign-in process, complicated by voice recognition protocol at the end of each section. Additionally, the page timer holds back students who are able to read quickly and seems like an unnecessary restriction.

Fun Factor: 1/5

Long, text-heavy lesson plans with zero visual aids to assist in the learning process.

Content: 3/5

Everything is there on the page for the student to learn and the timer ensures that the student is reading through the course material.

Features: 1/5

The only special feature that really offers is identity security. However, this feature is unnecessary, detracting from the overall course material and requiring 19 asinine phone calls for verification.